Computer Repairs
Computer repairs in Kent to your door with no fix – no fee Guarantee. All makes & models of desktop computers servers & laptops / notebooks repaired. All software & Hardware taken care of! Maybe you require a complete server supply, installation and configuration service or maybe you just lost the sound on your home computer. Whatever reason you require our services for, we guarantee you will not find better value for money anywhere.

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Computer Services
If it’s computer related, we offer a service to cover it. From free advice to custom built computers – data recovery to internet security. Covering all of North Kent. Computer problems solved TODAY! Home and Office call out, We come to you and solve your computer problems at your home or place of work and you only pay for our services after you see that your computer is working as you expect it to. If we need to take your computer away for repairs, we will return it to you and show you it working before you pay.

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Data Recovery
Everyone experiences some form of data loss or data corruption at some point. In most cases the data is recoverable & the inconvenience is kept minimal. If the recovery of your data is important to you – give us a call to see what we can do, turn your computer off as soon as you first start to experience data loss. The less damage is done – the less we have to repair!

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Internet & Network Security
Every computer that is connected to the internet MUST have an anti virus, firewall & anti spyware software installed. We offer an installation service for any anti virus or security software including the free programs which are only for personal use. If you suspect that your computer is already infected with a virus, please give us a call or send us an email from the contact page. Our virus removal services cover the whole of North Kent.

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Computer Services for Business
Computer services for small businesses 1-50 users. Do you currently have a maintenance contract which takes care of your business computers & laptops? From a new mouse to a full server installation, from an internet and email setup to a 5 user work-group configuration – We offer the lot! Always PC provide Computer, server and laptop support and maintenance contracts throughout Kent. Call us today to see just how much money we can save you!

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Custom Built Computers
Work out your budget and make a note of exactly what you expect from your custom built computer. We will talk over your options and tailor your new computer. Maybe you want a serious Daddy of all computers with dual Xeon processors, 4 Gig of ram and a graphics card that would be powerful enough for the local cinema…. We’ve supplied our fair share of custom built computers and far exceeded many expectations.

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Window Errors & Blue Screens
Software errors are on every computer somewhere, it’s just a case of how many errors until you are affected by them. How frustrating, you’re in the middle of doing something that has so far taken ages and there it is: “Windows needs to close” ALL YOUR WORK IS LOST! All you get is a very unhelpful error message telling you nothing of any use! Get your computer sorted out today!

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Hardware Faults & Problems
Blue screens, computer restarting, error messages, memory errors, power failure many problems can be found in minutes with our specialist diagnostics.If you suddenly don’t have a display on your monitor, you may have an actual monitor fault/ failure, the graphics card in your computer may have burnt out or come unseated or there could be a fault on the motherboard (main circuit board in the computer).

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Internet Connection Problems
Don’t blame your internet service provider every time you have no internet. There’s a good chance that your computer needs a little help finding its way to the web. If you get the message: internet explorer cannot display the webpage – try the obvious first: Hard to believe but yes we have been to customers and just had to push a network cable or USB cable in snug and all has worked! Annoying and embarrassing for customers that wished they had checked. Cables can lose their connection so pull them out and push them in tight. Routers and modems can have all their problems solved with a simple restart – yes it’s true! It’s not just a way for support companies to keep you on the phone at £1.50 per minute!

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Wireless Network & Internet
Wireless connection keeps dropping out or you can’t get any connection at all. Wireless internet networks should work without fault if set up correctly. Networking can be a really frustrating and time consuming nightmare – leave it to the professionals, sit back with a cup of tea while we solve the problems for you and set the whole network up for all your data to travel freely…

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The service was brilliant on every occasion. Always PC carried out a support warranty for 18 months for over 100 employees. Andy and the team are friendly, very quick at responding and the feedback has been excellent from our staff – many will use Always PC in the future

James Devine Medway NHS Trust
Very fast response to my initial call, with an engineer calling in a matter of hours. As somebody who’s more than a little ignorant when it comes to IT, Andy’s patient and non-patronizing approach was much appreciated. Laptop was returned in no time at all and, more importantly, in full working order! In my opinion, Always PC offers a friendly, fast and efficient service from start to finish.

Heather Webster
I found Always PC to be very efficient with a prompt & courteous service. My laptop is now restored to it’s former glory & your added assistance and advice was very helpful. Many Thanks.

Robert Fairweather
Service was everything I wanted and everything I expected. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t charge me just to look at the laptop and tell me straight away what was wrong and Always PC did just that.

Connie Keenan
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