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Services & Repairs for Business
A Complete Service of All Computer & Related Equipment.

From a new mouse to a full server installation, from an internet and email setup to a 5 user work-group configuration – Always PC offer the lot!

Most business owners / managers simply don’t have the time to research, compare prices, shop for and install their needed computer systems and related equipment. In many cases they don’t even know what it is they need, but they know exactly what they want to accomplish with it.

We can take the uncertainty out of your buying headaches by simply discussing your needs over the phone or during a meeting at your convenience.

Maybe you want to access your work computer from home or from your laptop on holiday in New Zealand. You need an automated backup solution that you don’t have to initiate every day. You don’t have a server at work but you would like to share certain files & folders between co workers. Maybe you just want the printer to be reliable!! We have the answers, call Always PC and consider it done!

In this day of Technology you can probably think of just about anything and it has been done before, works just perfectly and is saving people a lot of time.

How much time is wasted at your place of work trying to get computers, networks, printers to function as they should?

Time is probably the most valuable thing we have so don’t waste it, call in the people who know how to get the job done and you spend your time doing what you know: getting YOUR job done!

Maintenance & Support
Maintaining and Supporting your IT equipment

A waste of money or a necessary investment?

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! Right?

A successful businessman predicts the future and points his business in that direction, that’s what makes him a success: looking forward and seeing what could go wrong and dealing with it before it happens.

If we had of known that the hard drive was going to fail this afternoon, we would have had it changed. Just think, it would have only cost us a couple of hundred pounds. We never realized we would have had to be without a computer for 2 days (imagine?) or that it would cost £1000 plus to recover all the data that we never realized we should have backed up!

There are a whole load of safety nets that can be put in place to minimize loss of production in your company and we have them all ready to go!

When was your data last backed up? Are the anti virus programs on all your computers up to date? Is your firewall configured properly, would you know? Did you know that there is a size limit on your Outlook data file and when it reaches that limit, it can become corrupt and unusable and things can get really messy! Is your wireless network secure, could a competitor look at your company files, would you know? How about if you dismissed an employee, could they delete all the company data on their last day?

If you are confident that you are safe, then great – but if you have frowned a few times at reading that last paragraph, maybe it’s time you gave us a call.

It doesn’t have to break the bank – but it does have to be dealt with….and today!

The most cost effective and reliable way to ensure minimum downtime of your business servers, computers and laptops is with a maintenance and support contract. With remote monitoring we can be notified of an issue, identify it and resolve it before you or your staff even knew it existed.

Monthly support and maintenance contracts start from just £20 per stand alone computer and £120 per server.

Always PC provide Computer, server and laptop support and maintenance contracts throughout Kent. Call us today to see just how much money we can save you!

Charges for Business
What does it cost for business IT services?

It all depends on what level of service you require.

The minimum charge businesses can expect to pay is £60.00 per hour. This will apply to your company if you just have a few computers which are running as a work-group and you do not need immediate call out. After the hour we charge £15.00 for each 15 minutes.

For all companies running a server, the hourly rate is £80.00 After the hour we charge £20.50 for each 15 minutes.

Clients that have a maintenance/support contract in place with us will pay a reduced hourly rate.

Immediate call out (within 2 hours) is charged at an extra £40 as we will probably have to rearrange our working day.

Password removal / recovery is charged at a flat fee of £80.00

Data recovery: Various rates depending on how urgent the recovery is, please call us.

The service was brilliant on every occasion. Always PC carried out a support warranty for 18 months for over 100 employees. Andy and the team are friendly, very quick at responding and the feedback has been excellent from our staff – many will use Always PC in the future

James Devine Medway NHS Trust
Very fast response to my initial call, with an engineer calling in a matter of hours. As somebody who’s more than a little ignorant when it comes to IT, Andy’s patient and non-patronizing approach was much appreciated. Laptop was returned in no time at all and, more importantly, in full working order! In my opinion, Always PC offers a friendly, fast and efficient service from start to finish.

Heather Webster
I found Always PC to be very efficient with a prompt & courteous service. My laptop is now restored to it’s former glory & your added assistance and advice was very helpful. Many Thanks.

Robert Fairweather
Service was everything I wanted and everything I expected. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t charge me just to look at the laptop and tell me straight away what was wrong and Always PC did just that.

Connie Keenan


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