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Do you suspect a hardware component in your computer is failing?

If you suddenly don’t have a display on your monitor, you may have an actual monitor fault/ failure, the graphics card in your computer may have burnt out or come unseated or there could be a fault on the motherboard (main circuit board in the computer).

Is Your Computer Becoming Progressively Noisier Than it Used to be?

This could be caused by cooling fans getting old, the processor cooler could be covered with a film of dust which is preventing the fan from cooling it or the air flow through the system case could be restricted which is making the fans spin much faster. The noisy system may even be caused by some settings within the computer software being wrongly set.

Clicking Noises or Grinding Noises Coming From the Hard Drive?

Possibly your hard drive is about to fail. This is quite a serious fault and if you haven’t backed up your data, it would be a good idea to leave it to the professionals now. If the data on your hard drive is important and irreplaceable, turn your computer off now and call us for advice.

Blue Screen (of death) or Computer Restarting with Error Message?

This could be a hardware failure (or software) it could be a problem with memory, the processor, motherboard, hard drive etc. Expert advice and help is only a phone call away or you can email us if you prefer.

CD Rom, DVD Rom / Re-writer – Floppy etc. not working?

Is your CD drive or floppy no longer doing its job or the mouse isn’t pointing where you want it too, or maybe your keyboard lost a letter? All of these and more are easily replaced and at quite a low cost. Call us today to see just how inexpensive these items are to replace.

Maybe your Computer is Dead and Won’t Start at all?

This could be a motherboard failure, processor or it could just need a new power supply, if the problem lies with the power supply then you could be in for a cheap repair – if the motherboard is dead and the system is old, it could be beyond economical repair, call us today for an expert diagnosis.

Windows Error Messages?

How frustrating, you’re in the middle of doing something that has so far taken ages and there it is: “Windows needs to close” ALL YOUR WORK IS LOST! All you get is a very unhelpful error message telling you nothing of any use!

There can be many reasons for seeing a Windows error message on your screen:

  • Software conflict
  • Software in need of an update
  • Software badly installed or uninstalled
  • System registry errors
  • Possibly a virus or spyware infection

Spyware or viruses are quite a regular visitor on systems that constantly show Windows error messages!

Most of the time this can be prevented by making sure that your software is up to date. By this we don’t mean rushing out to the shops and buying a new version of Microsoft Office every time a new version is released. But, what you must do is keep the version that you use up to date. As manufacturers find problems with their software, they usually release updates or patches to resolve these problems. These updates are usually free, easily installed and are certainly a must to help keep your system error free.

All computer systems must have virus protection, spyware protection and a firewall (all properly configured) if they are being used on the internet, even if it’s just for five minutes per day!!

Visit our internet security page for further information

Internet & Network
Internet connection problems – Network issues?

Every day we receive phone calls or emails about problem internet connections!

If you get the message: internet explorer cannot display the webpage – try the obvious first:

Hard to believe but yes we have been to customers and just had to push a network cable or USB cable in snug and all has worked! Annoying and embarrassing for customers that wished they had checked. Cables can lose their connection so pull them out and push them in tight.

Routers and modems can have all their problems solved with a simple restart – yes it’s true! It’s not just a way for support companies to keep you on the phone at £1.50 per minute!

Check all the cables first, turn off the routers or modems and your computer. Turn on the router / modem and wait for the lights to settle, then turn your computer on. If you still have no internet connection or limited connectivity, give us a call as we may be able to offer you some simple advice over the phone. If not we can pop out and solve those problems for you at your convenience.

Network, Sharing Files, Sharing Printers

Networking two or more computers or laptops maybe with a shared printer can cause headaches if not set up properly in the first place.

Each time you turn your computer on it’s assigned an IP address (an address on the network) these addresses can be swapped around from one computer to another or even to a printer. If your firewall sees an address that it hasn’t been told about – the data will go no further!

Instantly you have a network problem!

Networking can be a really frustrating and time consuming nightmare – leave it to the professionals, sit back with a cup of tea while we solve the problems for you and set the whole network up for all your data to travel freely…

Don’t forget to see our internet security page – keep your data safe.

Wireless Internet or Network Connection Problem?

Wireless or “Wi Fi” problem solving can be quite an in depth job even for the most experienced engineer. There are quite a lot of circumstances that can lead to wireless connection problems, intermittent connections or low signal / data throughput.

Wireless connection problems can be caused by:

  • Wrongly configured firewalls
  • Wireless adapter software or drivers
  • Incompatible adapters
  • WEP or WPA encryption keys incorrectly typed
  • Neighboring wireless network interference
  • Cordless telephones
  • Badly located routers or access points

Sometimes you may have even solved the wireless problem without knowing it, but as you didn’t get a connection instantly – you made an adjustment somewhere else!

If your Wi Fi was working perfectly and suddenly you have noticed connection problems or slow data speeds, maybe a new interference has appeared locally to the router / access point.

We can carry out a full wireless survey at your property and resolve all your wireless issues and get your wireless network working at its best!

Call us today on (local rate) 0845 130 6540 or email us for free from our contact page

Data Recovery
Data Recovery – Hard Drive Recovery

We all have data saved on our computer’s hard drive which has at least some value to us. If not, it’s of huge value!

So what about when things go wrong? The hard drive is inaccessible! Something that none of us want to experience but quite a lot of people see this message or similar!

Maybe someone has formatted a hard drive and then realized there were a few files that needed saving or backing up first. Time for a quick panic?

Corrupt files, maybe an Outlook PST file has become damaged or an excel file?

There are different levels of Data Recovery and these come with a different fee depending on how much work is involved in the recovery process. To date we have managed to recover customers data 95% of the time. We have invested a great deal to make this possible.

Data recovery software for free download advertised on the internet can look very tempting especially if you are looking for a cheap solution. If unsuccessful – this cheap or free software can make our job 10 times as difficult, and yes the invoice will quite possibly increase 10 times too!

If the recovery of your data is important to you – give us a call to see what we can do, turn your computer off as soon as you first start to experience data loss. The less damage is done – the less we have to repair!

Oh and if you are just reading this out of interest, when did you last back up your data? NOW is always a very good time to back up your computer!

The service was brilliant on every occasion. Always PC carried out a support warranty for 18 months for over 100 employees. Andy and the team are friendly, very quick at responding and the feedback has been excellent from our staff – many will use Always PC in the future

James Devine Medway NHS Trust
Very fast response to my initial call, with an engineer calling in a matter of hours. As somebody who’s more than a little ignorant when it comes to IT, Andy’s patient and non-patronizing approach was much appreciated. Laptop was returned in no time at all and, more importantly, in full working order! In my opinion, Always PC offers a friendly, fast and efficient service from start to finish.

Heather Webster
I found Always PC to be very efficient with a prompt & courteous service. My laptop is now restored to it’s former glory & your added assistance and advice was very helpful. Many Thanks.

Robert Fairweather
Service was everything I wanted and everything I expected. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t charge me just to look at the laptop and tell me straight away what was wrong and Always PC did just that.

Connie Keenan


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