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How do I keep my computer safe and secure?

Windows updates are a must as a foundation for a stable and secure computer. So many times we are called out to resolve computer problems and one of the first things we notice is either automatic updates for Windows has been turned off or there is a little notification in the task bar informing that updates are ready for your computer, and there they sit! These updates must be installed and kept up to date. If you get a problem after installing an update, this needs to be dealt with rather than removing that update!

Microsoft Office updates are just as important and make sure you have the latest service pack installed.

Have a look at your list of installed programs periodically and remove any programs that you no longer use and check to see if there are updates for all the programs that you intend to keep installed.

Removing temporary internet files once a week is also good practice and clear out cookies at the same time.

Always use a password to log onto Windows, this not only stops people from sitting at your computer and logging on but it also improves security when connected to a network and the internet.

Anti Virus
Anti Virus For Your Personal Computer

Don’t even consider using your computer without an up to date anti virus if you are connected to the internet.

It’s the understanding of quite a few people that they don’t really need an anti virus because they don’t use their computer on the internet all that much. In the days of slow dial up connections there may have been a small chance of getting away with it for a while but with modern broadband connections you will soon see evidence of a virus infection on your system.

Are the virus definitions totally up to date? If your computer doesn’t have the latest definitions installed then it doesn’t know that a virus is a virus – no one has told it yet! An anti virus program that is months out of date is almost as much use as having no anti virus at all.

If a warning tells you that your anti virus program is out of date – deal with it today!

There are many anti virus programs available and there are also some that are free. Just because they are free it doesn’t mean that they work any less efficiently than a program costing £30 or more, in many cases we have known the free programs to find and remove viruses that the paid for versions couldn’t deal with.

Apart from installing an anti virus program, it needs to configured properly and checked to make sure it’s doing what it should.

We can offer an installation service for any anti virus including the free programs which are only for personal use.

If you suspect that your computer is already infected with a virus, please give us a call or send us an email from the contact page. Our virus removal services cover the whole of North Kent.

Please see our charges page for an idea of cost.

Anti Spyware
Anti Spyware For Your Personal Computer

My anti virus program takes care of spyware and everything that’s bad?

Very few offer a comprehensive solution to all malware and in any case you are usually better off having one dedicated program for each.

Spyware is something that not all users are aware of until they find their computer is infected, and when they discover spyware has found its way on to the computer it can make a real mess of things.

Spyware can be just as destructive as a virus and sometimes worse, it can stop you dead in your tracks. Instantly your home page diverts off to a site telling you to buy a specific anti spyware program and won’t let you navigate away to where you want to go. It can constantly pop up messages offering you all sorts of undesirable items. Spyware can take over your desktop, re route your network connection and change endless settings on your computer.

Spyware can even, like the name suggests “spy” on you and send information about you to wherever it wants to. Now that is a security threat!

Don’t take chances with Spyware, get your computer protected immediately.

We can provide an anti spyware solution for your computer and in many cases the program is free, we just charge you for installation and configuration.

If you already have a spyware infection on your computer, give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment for its removal.

We cover the whole of North Kent area and most infections can usually be removed within the hour.

Firewall Protection For Your Personal Computer 

Would you leave your front door open? Of course not, so don’t venture out on to the internet without a properly configured firewall or you may get unwanted visitors popping into your computer!

Your computer has over 65,000 ports (doorways) that it can send or receive data through and only one of these needs to be open for a hacker to pay you a visit.

But I’m only a home user and those hackers are only interested in business right?? An interesting thought but he doesn’t know it’s just a home computer until he’s in, and once he’s in he may as well have a look around right??

Credit card details, internet banking details, contacts, outlook data and when you’re on holiday? Your home address – All gets a bit worrying now you understand a little more.

Firewalls come as either a hardware or software

Software firewalls are usually quite sufficient for home use, they don’t cost a lot and some are free such as zonealarm. The bit that you need to get right is the configuration (it’s no good have a door lock if you don’t lock it) but you don’t want a legitimate program being blocked or you may not be able to collect your emails!

We can install and configure your home firewall and check that it’s doing the job that it was designed to, letting legitimate programs go about their business and keeping the burglars out!

Installation throughout North Kent, this should take less than an hour and will cost you just £40.00

The service was brilliant on every occasion. Always PC carried out a support warranty for 18 months for over 100 employees. Andy and the team are friendly, very quick at responding and the feedback has been excellent from our staff – many will use Always PC in the future

James Devine Medway NHS Trust
Very fast response to my initial call, with an engineer calling in a matter of hours. As somebody who’s more than a little ignorant when it comes to IT, Andy’s patient and non-patronizing approach was much appreciated. Laptop was returned in no time at all and, more importantly, in full working order! In my opinion, Always PC offers a friendly, fast and efficient service from start to finish.

Heather Webster
I found Always PC to be very efficient with a prompt & courteous service. My laptop is now restored to it’s former glory & your added assistance and advice was very helpful. Many Thanks.

Robert Fairweather
Service was everything I wanted and everything I expected. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t charge me just to look at the laptop and tell me straight away what was wrong and Always PC did just that.

Connie Keenan


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