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Always PC offer a comprehensive range of computer related services.

Maybe you require a complete server supply, installation and configuration service or maybe you just lost the sound on your home computer. Whatever reason you require our services for, we guarantee you will not find better value for money anywhere.

You may find other companies that offer a cheaper hourly rate, you may find companies that offer a fixed fee for their services but if value for money is what you are looking for, at least spend the time to call us and compare us to the competition.

We are happy to offer free advice to everyone, if we can spend a few minutes talking you through solving a problem over the phone, we will.

Home and Office call out, We come to you and solve your computer problems at your home or place of work and you only pay for our services after you see that your computer is working as you expect it to. If we need to take your computer away for repairs, we will return it to you and show you it working before you pay.

No Fix – No Fee… Means exactly what it says – if we can’t fix your computer problems, no charge!

We will do our best to offer you an appointment within 24hours – if you require an immediate call out, please ask – we may be able to rearrange our day to get to you.

If you would like any further information on our services, please give us a call

Local rate number: 0845 130 6540 Or send us an email from our contact page

Health Check
Computer systems need to be maintained just like everything else!

Over the months or even years, hundreds or thousands of files build up on your system that are simply doing nothing other than slowing down your computer and taking up space.

Left overs of old uninstalled programs still remain and take up space, some of them may have not been removed properly and cause errors.

Files on the hard drive become fragmented in quite a big way and your computer is constantly spending time looking for these fragments – and keeping you waiting!

Apart from all the software that gets messy in time, there’s always the hardware to consider. If your computer is full of dust inside it can cause faults, make the system overheat and excessive dust could be a hazard!

Our health check for computers involves a full software check including deep removal of temporary files and unused files, we check that updates have been applied to the operating system, anti virus and anti spyware programs are configured properly and many other software related clean ups / tests.

We carry out a full hardware check including the hard drive and a thorough clean up and inspection inside the computer.

If you use your computer every day, a health check is recommended every six months.

If you only use your computer a couple of times per week, once a year is fine.

Book your health check today, it will make your computer last longer and run more efficiently!

Computer Upgrades – Best power upgrade for the pound… 

If you are looking to make your computer work faster and be more responsive, the best value for money upgrade would be installing more memory.

Maybe you have a bigger budget and demand more? If you wan to get serious about upgrading your computer then we need to take a look and see what is the biggest processor your computer will run. If you are close to maximum already then you probably wouldn’t notice much improvement.

For a huge improvement you will probably be looking at a new Motherboard, Processor and Memory. This is possible if you are happy with your current CD/DVD RW your system case and hard drive etc.

If you are just looking to add a new DVD RW or maybe a larger hard drive, memory card reader or even a more powerful graphics card you could be in for a reasonably priced upgrade.

Whatever you are looking to do to improve your computer, we are here to help and offer free advice.

We will be happy to carry out any upgrades you require – just ask!

Fresh Install
A fresh installation of Windows. 

Sometimes an operating system ie. (Windows 7) can get in a real mess!

If you have had Windows installed on your system for a couple of years or more and over that time a few viruses have found there way in and spyware has also made its mark, the system registry has become scarred and a good number of files are corrupt. It could have got to the stage where it would take more time to repair Windows than reinstall it.

If a computer can be brought back to life with an hour or two of work spent on it then all well and good but if it looks like quite a bit more time is likely – a fresh installation of Windows may be more cost effective.

What about all of my data??

All of your personal data can be backed up and copied back to the newly installed system.

With a fresh install we:

  • Carry out a basic hardware check to test for any problems
  • Back up any data that you ask us to
  • Carry out a full low level format of the hard drive
  • Reinstall Windows including all updates and service packs
  • We can install any additional software that you ask us to
  • Run and test the system to make sure all is well

This way your computer is back to optimal performance and the bill doesn’t get too expensive.

Custom PC
Why have a custom built computer?

Maybe you don’t want the money you invest in a new computer being wasted on a load of extra gimmick hardware that you will never use?

All that bundled software sent out – a box full of Cd’s that will never come out of the drawer, they’ll just be looked at once and forgotten about!

Maybe you want a serious Daddy of all computers with dual Xeon processors, 4 Gig of ram and a graphics card that would be powerful enough for the local cinema….

We’ve supplied our fair share of custom built computers and far exceeded many expectations.

From ultra quiet or almost silent computers for sound production to mighty power house computers for video & graphics editing, we can supply what you are looking for.

All our custom built high specification computers are assembled from only the highest of quality components including:

  • Supermicro motherboards
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • Nvidia based graphics cards
  • Aqua computer water cooling

Our custom built computers start from £1500.00

We supply all components at cost price and only charge for research into tailoring your computer exactly for your needs and the building and full testing of the system.

If you demand an extreme computer, Always PC have the solution.

We cover the whole of North Kent and are happy to visit you within this area to discuss your exact computing needs from the first plan on paper to installation.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

The service was brilliant on every occasion. Always PC carried out a support warranty for 18 months for over 100 employees. Andy and the team are friendly, very quick at responding and the feedback has been excellent from our staff – many will use Always PC in the future

James Devine Medway NHS Trust
Very fast response to my initial call, with an engineer calling in a matter of hours. As somebody who’s more than a little ignorant when it comes to IT, Andy’s patient and non-patronizing approach was much appreciated. Laptop was returned in no time at all and, more importantly, in full working order! In my opinion, Always PC offers a friendly, fast and efficient service from start to finish.

Heather Webster
I found Always PC to be very efficient with a prompt & courteous service. My laptop is now restored to it’s former glory & your added assistance and advice was very helpful. Many Thanks.

Robert Fairweather
Service was everything I wanted and everything I expected. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t charge me just to look at the laptop and tell me straight away what was wrong and Always PC did just that.

Connie Keenan


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